Referrals & FAQ

You can refer yourself to Spacious Places by contacting us using the details here. Alternatively, you can be referred by a professional.

We will arrange an appointment for you with one of our staff, who will show you round Spacious Places, go through the criteria for accessing the programme, and answer any questions you might have. You can read the criteria here.

If both you and the staff feel that Spacious Places is right for you, we will ask you to start attending AA/NA meetings (see below) and arrange a start date for you to begin the programme.

You will begin with a four week trial period, after which you will be admitted to the full programme (or asked to leave if we feel the programme is not appropriate for you. In the unlikely event that this is the case, we can put you in touch with other service providers)

I keep relapsing - is Spacious Places right for me?

Spacious Places is for anyone (provided you are 18 or over) who is serious about stopping drugs and alcohol, and finding recovery. We expect everyone who joins us to work towards complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol. You may still be relapsing – but if you are committed to working towards abstinence, you are welcome at Spacious Places

How long does the Spacious Places programme take?

We expect our clients to spend 15 hours a week (12-3pm Monday-Friday, plus keyworking) on our structured day treatment programme, for as long as it takes to address the issues surrounding their addiction. We expect our clients to be willing to commit to 12 months on the programme.

What if I relapse? Will I have to leave Spacious Places?

At some rehabs and day treatment centres, relapse means automatic expulsion from the programme. However, Spacious Places is different. We believe that relapses can be important learning opportunities, and so if you relapse it will not necessarily mean that we ask you to leave the programme. However, we must emphasise that we take relapses very seriously, and we do not guarantee to let you continue on the programme if you relapse. A decision will be made by management based on each individual's circumstances.

What are AA/NA meetings?

An important part of the Spacious Places is attendance at (and participation in) Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. AA and NA are independent organisations made up of alcoholics/drug addicts just like you, who follow a 12 Step programme of recovery. Follow the links to find out more about:

If you join Spacious Places we will expect you to attend and participate in AA or NA meetings as often as possible. You can help your progression onto the programme by attending NA/AA meetings on a regular basis as soon as you can. If you like, we can normally arrange for one of our existing clients to accompany you to your first AA/NA meeting, to help explain to you what happens at the meeting, and introduce you to people.

Do I have to be “religious” to come to Spacious Places? Are people going to pressurise me to “get religion”?

At Spacious Places we accept people of any religion or none, and no religious views of any kind will be forced on anyone. We are a Christian charity but we respect our clients' right to believe what they choose. One of the early chapters in the AA “Big Book” is entitled “We Agnostics”, and if you have no religious beliefs and/or have had negative experiences of religion, you may find it helpful to read this.