What we do

Spacious Places provides 15 hours per week of structured day treatment to help you find recovery from addiction. We provide an abstinence-based programme based on the 12 Step teaching of organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We are based in Leeds.

Click here to learn more about the team of staff and trustees. We are a Christian charity but we respect our clients' right to believe what they chose, and no religious views of any kind will be forced on anyone.

We are a non-residential programme, so you will stay in your own accommodation. This makes our programme accessible to those with childcare and other family responsibilities, and means that, unlike in a rehab, you will not be isolated in a “recovery bubble”. You will have the chance to practice recovery in all areas of your daily life, and at Spacious Places you will find support (from staff and from other clients) for the issues that real life throws up.

You will be expected to attend 12-3pm Monday-Friday (plus keyworking sessions as required). We begin at noon with soup and toast cooked by clients. This provides an opportunity for clients to develop social skills that have often been suppressed through years of isolation and alcohol/drug addiction. In addition to this, the supportive relationships built during mealtimes are essential for your recovery.

Group sessions take place 1-3pm (with the exception of Wednesdays), covering a wide variety of topics relating to your recovery. In group discussions we aim to help you avoid relapsing, and develop important life and social skills. You will reflect on your thinking and behaviour, develop relapse prevention strategies and find support in your recovery from other recovering alcoholics and addicts.

Wednesday afternoons are a bit different. From 1-3pm you will do individual personal work on the 12 Steps, reflecting on your addiction, your life and how to apply the 12 Steps. Staff will facilitate these activities and will be available if you need support.

In addition to our structured day treatment programme, we expect our clients to attend and participate in Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. These are fellowships of addicts and alcoholics who are following a 12 Step programme of recovery. Newcomers are welcome, and we can normally arrange for you to go to your first AA/NA meeting with another Spacious Places client.

We will liaise with other agencies as appropriate to ensure you receive the support you need. As you progress in your recovery, we will help you access suitable volunteer placements and resettlement services.

New to Spacious Places since 2012 is our "Going Places" programme (name changed from our previous "Step Back" programme). This is a part-time, more flexible version of our programme, tailored to the needs of the individual client. It is designed primarily for former Spacious Places clients who need further support.

Going Places clients can work on their individual 12 Step work, or use our phone, computer and internet facilities to apply for jobs and courses. Staff are availalbe for emotional support and to help clients talk through any issues that may arise. Going Places clients also benefit from an informal network of supportive relationships with other Spacious Places clients.

We have also recently exported our expertise by starting a similar programme to our full programme, that operates within a local dry (alcohol free) hostel called Faith Lodge (which is part of St George's Crypt). This project is run in partnership with St George's Crypt, and is called The Growing Rooms.