Spacious Places team

Graham Fell (Director of Therapeutic Operations)


Graham has spent much of his working life in telecommunications and datacommunications, in a variety of roles such as engineer and manager. In his spare time Graham has done a great deal of voluntary work in Youth and Children’s work, including setting up Kidz Klub in Leeds. In his spare time Graham is a songwriter, guitarist and singer with his own studio.

Graham says: “The satisfaction I get in watching people come into our programme broken, but leave twelve months later with their life back, is massive!”

Phill Taylor (Therapeutic worker)Phill Taylor jpg

Phill has worked as a project manager in housing prior to joining Spacious Places as a client in May 2017. Having completed the course, Phill now works as a full time therapeutic worker in the team.

As a former client Phill knows exactly what it takes to complete the course, and has a passion for helping others achieve recovery from active addiction.

Maureen Bryan (Therapeutic worker)Maureen Bryan

Maureen was a nurse and medical rep in her previous life and has a large family with 8 grandchildren! Maureen joined Spacious Places in February 2017 and began volunteering after graduating from the full program. She joined the staff team in July 2018 and loves being able to help others in their quest to live clean and sober!

Judith Sebine (Therapeutic worker)

Judith worked in the NHS for over 30 years. She is a mother to three children and a grandmother to eight. Judith became an alcoholic and joined Spacious Places as a client in 2011, graduating to a volunteer in 2012 and then becoming a paid member of staff in 2013.

Judith says, as an ex-client and now a paid employee. I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to give back to our clients what was given to me. To be able to show there is a way out of addiction.

Paula Carter (Therapeutic worker)Paula Carter

Paula is a mother of two boys, she was a heroin user from the age of 15 and has spent most of her life in various jobs. At the age of 36 she joined Spacious Places as she was unable to carry on living her life due to her dependency on drugs.

After her year attending the full program, she volunteered on a new project at Spacious Places called Going Places.  Paula brings a unique insight into our work.

Philip Lancaster (Chair of Directors)

Phil Lancaster practised as a barrister, specialising in criminal cases. He is now an Employment Judge dealing primarily with the anti-discrimination laws. He is a member of St George's Church, where he has been a church warden and served on the parochial church council. He is married with fairly recently grown-up children and a large collection of Bob Dylan cds.

Keith Swallow (Finance Trustee)

Keith is a member of Dayspring Church and St George's Church and works in accountancy for his profession. He is married with two sons, both of whom are going to university in Birmingham and in his spare time Keith is a keen swimmer. As the finance trustee he deals with all the financial issues of Spacious Places.

Christopher Gibbs (Trustee)

Christopher hails from Bristol originally but has lived in Leeds for thirty years, a patent attorney by day and a classical musician by night. He is a member of St George's Church, through which he became aware and appreciative of the work of Spacious Places, becoming a trustee in 2015. His three children and four grandchildren see to it that he is not too idle.